spring vibes 2017 plakat


Hey Vibes-Player,

good you stepped by and get into the Spring-Vibes-Festival & Workshop!
What is that all about:
For 6 days we offer you an impuls-workshop with a couple of very interesting Musicians from the Vibraphon-World:D
Each day we invited another Vibeplayer to show us his approach to the instrument and music. The workshop is more an impulse for each of us how we could train our skills, get into the improvisation, learn more about the instrument and the music writtin for it.
Each night the maestros will do a concert!!!!!!

2017 our faculty will be:
David Friedman
Tony Miceli
Alexandru Anastasiu
Anthony Smith
Israel Arranz
Stefan Bauer
Mathias Haus
Frank Tortiller
Thomas Klecha-Fauré
and me / Matthias Goebel
Check these musician with the link below their names!
For more information download our Flyer or fill out the fomular.At any time you can contact me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tony Miceli and me we are looking foward to meet you.
Spring Vibes is a cooperation between vibeseworkshop.com  & mallet-institute.